O Gauge Class 47 Modern Motive Power Kit built Locomotive

Nedderton, United Kingdom ends 2018-12-14 10:22:56


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Class 47 Locomotive No 47323 Rover Group Quality Assured by Modern Motive Power, inherited by me, built to good standard; and has the potential to be excellent, features 2 powered bogies Bogie A Mashima powered to rear axle only, Delrin chain could be added if 4 axle power required. Bogie B Mashima Motor with Delrin Drive 2 axles powered , please note both bogies have sprung articulation to 2 axles. The locomotive has been fitted with what appears to be a directional lighting system with a rechargeable battery pack. ( wiring will need sorting) Please see photographs both ends are fully detailed. 
Known issues 3 parts detached please see photographs 1 roof fan missing.
This is a well put together kit built locomotive very straight. Will be packed in original kit box.
Thank you for looking at my listing please do not hesitate to ask for any further information. 
Train Operating CompanyRailfreight Distribution
Country/Region of ManufactureUnited Kingdom


£8.95 | Estimated delivery after 2 business days