BLOCKsignalling DAP1A Automatic Control Module Dapol Semaphore Signal LMS GWR

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BLOCKsignalling is a professional manufacturer of model railway electronics accessories based in the UK.

Our modules are designed to provide the most realistic operation with ruggedness and long-term reliability key
ingredients to ensure that they perform as expected for a long time to come.

Our semaphore signal module is designed to be triggered by a train passing over infra-red sensor which is
positioned below the track.

Fully configurable module offers realistic operation of semaphore signals.


  • Self-contained control system which will operate a connected Dapol or other similar signal
    whenever a train crosses the sensor.

  • Signal returns to its former position after a set time (adjustable).

  • Able to drive remote Red and Green leds on a control panel (not included).

  • Infra-red detector included.

  • Module operates from a supply between 10V and 16V (AC or DC).  The connected signal
    receives the same supply as connected to the module.

Leds and signal are not included.

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