BLOCKsignalling CDU2C Capacitor Discharge Unit Hornby Seep Peco Points Motor CDU

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BLOCKsignalling is a professional manufacturer of model railway electronics accessories based in
the UK.

Our modules are designed to provide the most realistic operation with ruggedness and long-term
reliability key ingredients to ensure that they perform as expected for a long time to come.

We are renowned for our customer support which aims to get modellers of all abilities up and
running with our modules.

This sale is for a high power CDU designed for all manufacturers' points motors.

This version has two capacitors, and a capacity of virtually 10,000uF, to ensure responsive action
when switching two or more points at one time, or when using at larger scales or with points operating
some distance from the operator.

  • Provides a high current pulse to "snap" points across positively.
  • Limits subsequent points current to prevent coil burn out.
  • Prevents voltage drop to other parts of the installation during points action.

The CDU inputs can be connected to any DC power supply up to 24V or AC power supply up to 16V.
The most common connection point would probably be the 16V AC auxiliary output usually found on
model railway speed controllers. 
Do not exceed these input voltages to avoid damage.

The minimum supply voltage is 12V AC or 15V DC, as below this level the CDU will no longer
improve the action of the points.

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