OO gauge DCC coach lighting set. Very easy installation. No batteries needed

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Product Description

If like me, you want to bring your coaches alive by installing interior lighting quickly and easily, then please read on.

The SM-01 coach lighting set has been designed to provide an easy to install, flicker free, reliable and low maintenance Interior strip lighting for your OO gauge coach.   The power is derived from a live DCC track, so as long has the track has power, the coach will be lit.  There is no need for batteries and the inevitable annoying replacement process after a few short months. The set contains a pre-assembled warm white LED strip lighting unit featuring:
  • Anti-flicker
  • In rush current protection, which is useful to mitigate against a momentary overload on your track power supply
  • Spring loaded wheel pickups providing a superior electrical contact with the track.  
  • The SM-01 set does not include the wheels, but these are easily obtainable.
  • Self adhesive copper tape is provided to aid easy soldering of the wires and the wheel pickups.
  • A very large stay alive capacitor, which acts as reserve energy storage.   When the track is switched off, or the coach is shunted into a siding with no power, the LEDs will slowly fade after 10 seconds or so.
  • Once installed, the only maintenance is your regular track cleaning schedule
  • Full colour and clear instructions are included.  Installation is very quick.  It only takes about 15 minutes per coach, then you are done. 
I have included a photograph of one of my coaches with the SM-01 installed so you can get an idea of how bright they are.  The coach is not included in this kit.

The SM-01 set does not include the metallic wheels.  However these are easily obtainable.  I also have a SM-02 lighting set available, which does include pre-prepared wheels along with 10 passengers.

The lighting set also works on a DC system, although the brightness of the LEDs is directly proportional to the voltage on the track.  
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