N gauge track screws Fleischmann, peco, Mini Trix etc track pins Gleisschrauben

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Bags of 100  self tapping screws suitable for N gauge track fixing Fleischmann, Peco*, Mini Trix etc available at 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm length length.

These screws are thinner than the 00 gauge screws I sell.

Bags of 100 self tapping screws suitable N gauge track fixing, suit Fleischmann, Peco*, Mini Trix etc. free UK P+P.

The 6mm screws are suitable for fixing N gauge track such as Fleischmann, Peco and Mini Trix to a base broad. If you have 2mm of cork or underlay you might prefer the 8mm screws, I also have 10mm long screws if you really need them. I would not recommend using unnecessary long screws, apart from the wasted effort your putting extra stain on the heads (greatly lessened if you pre drill a small guide hole).

* Peco - For Peco N gauge set track it might be advisable to drill the hole a fraction wider, apparently these screws cause the plastic sleepers to stretch slightly and discolour.

Available with or without a screwdriver.

The 'mini' screw driver is 8.5 cm long, is cheap but of adequate quality. By the time you have done a hundred screws you'll know about it.

The '15cm' screwdriver has a swivel cap that makes screwing less unpleasant.

The 'better' screwdriver is 15cm in total, 10cm handle with a 5cm blade, it has a swivel cap and an 'ergonomic' handle.

I also stock various sizes for 00 gauge, please visit my Ebay store.

These screws are thinner than the 00 gauge screws I sell.

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