CKLED replacement LED lights for Marklin Z gauge spur Z model railway locomotive

Price is from £5 per unit for larger quantities.

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CK LEDs – a new bespoke loco upgrade

For a long time we have been disappointed that the loco lights in the older style Marklin locos have been almost impossible to see, unless they are running at a high speed.

The latest locos mostly have LED lights that are so much brighter even at low speed – yet there are still a few new releases that have the old bulb style light fitted.


We have looked at buying replacement LEDs that are either expensive, difficult to buy, either being on back order or simply not available - to others requiring soldering and loco alteration to fit.


Over the last year CK LED has been developing with a UK company a suitable quality replacement LED which is a lot easier to install at a really competitive price, AND we have added the addition of a combined white and red unit to add tail lights to your loco !

 These have been made as a neutral daylight white, but following some people asking, we can now offer to dip the LEDs in a tinted gel which will bring the colour round to warm white.  We can do this free of charge for you, but it may take a little longer. Please ask us when you order.

The LED units are now available and we are have made enough to be able to offer these to all our friends in the Z world at a great price per pack of


1 x LED White @ £7.50

2 x LED White @ £12.50

5 x LED White @ £25.00




1 x LED Red/White @ £9.00

2 x LED Red/White @ £15.00

5 x LED Red/White @ £30.00

We have made a video to show the upgrade difference at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0YKPcfHjNQ 

 We have added an instruction video to change the bulbs at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sslYIvf3yow


The White CK LED are a direct replacement unit that will offer, in most examples, a clear brighter upgrade starting at low speeds and are directional in all locos with lights front at rear that we have tried. However, it's impossible to try them in absolutely every model of Marklin Z gauge loco, so if you encounter problems do let us know.


The red & white CK LED offers an attractive red tail light (admittedly, not strictly prototypical on Swiss locos; yet we feel very worthy of change). These do require removal of the diodes in the loco which will require a little skill and effort to change on the electric plates – a lot easier on the crocodiles as the diodes are under the silver contact which are under the light units.  Fitting instructions are via an online video tutorial, and a printed QR code link to this will be sent out with your LEDs.


The red & white kits also include a silver washer to fit as a replacement for the diode on the electric plate and a brass washer to fit the crocodiles. The crocodile diodes are a slightly different size.

 Someone has left feedback stating that they're not very bright in certain locos - we have stated that brightness will vary depending on the loco - in some models the housing for the light is buried so deeply inside the body shell, the light emitted has a long way to travel to get to the outside of the body.  In these instances, it's understandable that they won't be as bright as different models, or as bright as  the brand new releases where the led is mounted just inside the body itself.   What you have to bear in mind is that it will certainly be much brighter than the original bulb.

Regarding feedback that these "flicker" - if they're fed a stable DC supply they won't flicker. Ensure that your track and loco wheels are clean, and that the contacts holding the  LED module are clean and tight.  

The only loco we have currently found that will need a small modification for the LED is the Marklin 8854/88541 - Class 103 express loco, as the lenses in the loco slightly fouls the LED – if you intend to fit in a Class 103 electric loco then please email on order and we will modify this for you before posting out


We now offer an economy UK and Worldwide postage in 100% recyclable cardboard outer packaging which we can send NON-TRACKED / NOT INSURED.


For peace of mind, a fully tracked and insured option, we would recommend this for larger orders of higher value; with premium packaging. (This packaging is not recyclable as it contains plastic content.)


If you have any other questions then please email us via this listing and we will help in every way we can. We could also offer a bespoke service for changing the bulbs to LEDs for you – please contact for further information.

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