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LNER (ex GNR) BOGIE BRAKE VAN - 'O' GAUGE - ready to run

Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom ends 2019-05-20 18:35:39


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LNER (ex GNR) Bogie Brake Van (Diagram 308 ?) No 441

For sale is a model, professionally scratch built and painted, by Fred Newman. Fitted with chassis detail. Consisting of mainly white metal parts, complete with scale wheels. 

Coach has fixed buffers and working screw couplings, unfortunately one of the buffer's has been damaged, and is missing the head.          

The coach has been used on various layouts with no failures in over 20+ years. Over this period it has been well maintained by the owner, who has replaced 1 complete axle set.

Condition as per photographs. 

Please ask for further details if required


EraEra 3 - The Big Four (1923-1947)


£10.00 | Estimated delivery after 3 business days