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 ESU LokSound SELECT L  Premium Sound Decoder O Gauge

The Brand New LokSound SELECT L  has been developed to provide high motor output (3Amax, 2 motors possible) and high quality sound while fitting comfortably (L x W x H: 62mm x 26mm x 18mm) into an O scale locomotive.

The LokSound SELECT L will easily use the many respective ESU SELECT sound files already on the market as they are of course programmable using the  ESU LokProgrammer.

While they plug straight into new Atlas (and others) O scale locomotives, the decoder will be supplied with an interface board which can be permanently mounted and wired into you loco.

- 11 function outputs with 500mA each

- 2 servo outputs (analog/digital 3 wire servos)

- Interface for temperature controlled and fan synchronized steam generator

- Interface for optional ESU Power Pack (stay-alive)

- 3 inputs for hall sensors (commonly used for syncing Steam Chuffs).

- 2 Speaker outputs

- External volume control (pot)

Select from more than 200 sound variations available for the LokSound V4.0, the uploading of your sound is included in the price.


For Diesel locos we recommend a file containing the 'Full Throttle' feature, which allows for realistic operation, check it out on YouTube:

The manual will not be shipped because it is mostly outdated as we upload the latest firmware which may contain new features. The latest version English manual can be downloaded from here:

To SELECT or to Not Select: 

There are 2 families of ESU LokSounds, the V4.0 and the SELECT versions, we stock both !

The V4.0 gives the greatest flexibility of sound programming and sound editing.

The SELECT can only be programmed with SELECT Sound Projects which come with a greater range of US prime mover sounds. The sound file cannot be edited however typically several (up to 4) prime mover versions (for example electric start / air start / non turbo / turbo), 2 bells, 16 air horns and 2 brake squeals can be selected via CV48. The SELECT is priced more ecconomical.

Included in the price:
- Postage (shipped in CD mailer without the original box/manual).
- Tested and fitted with the latest firmware prior shipping.
- 2 Year factory warranty
(we are an official ESU installer/retailer).
- After sales service and advice.

UPCDoes not apply


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