LIMA - Class 101 - Provincial paint scheme SCOTRAIL

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LIMA - Class 101 - Provincial paint scheme SCOTRAIL

This is a LIMA Class 101.

The body and paintwork is in very good condition.

Windscreen wipers and exhausts are all in place.

Still fitted with large tension lock couplings.

I have test run the model just to check. Despite being ancient technology it runs well in both directions.

The box, which may not be original to this particular model, is in reasonably good condition.

It is worth remembering that the LIMA wheels are somewhat course. It is also worth noting that the LIMA bodies will go onto the more updated HORNBY chassis.

Nice model - good example of old technology - it is what it is.

Power SupplyDC
EraEra 8 - British Rail Sectorisation (1982-1994)
Gauge00 gauge
Modified ItemNo
Country/Region of ManufactureItaly
Replica ofClass 101
Train Operating CompanyBritish Rail -Scotrail


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