British Railway 7mm Signal Waterslide Transfers BR/LMS/SR/LNER Upper Quadrants

Chesham, United Kingdom ends 2019-10-26 20:20:07


Having difficulty painting a distant signal arm, and getting a crisp line for the black chevron? Here are set of waterslide transfers to customise your MSE/Wizard and Scalelink brass signal arms etches in 7mm scale.

They are invaluable for anyone having difficulty creating the chevrons on distant signals, as MSE have no guide etches, and the Scalelink ones are sometimes difficult to see!

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Now BR, LMS, Southern and LNER modellers are spared the heartache with these handy transfers designed for both the well-known and popular MSE brass frets.

The transfers use photographs of actual arms, so include a wealth of additional detail. 

The transfers are the waterslide type, and need a degree of care when being cut from the sheet. A product such as Decalfix is recommended for a permanent application.

MSE etches do not feature the bolts that secure the arm, and as these transfers are created from actual photos, the bolt heads are reproduced. A standard (unweathered) arm is provided, together with a selection of weathered arms.

If modelling the LMS, the method of manufacture was updated sometime before 1935. The earlier steel arms were described as being made from vitreous enamel, and, according to a drawing I have seen which was issued by Derby on 9 January 1935, these were fixed with a large cast iron washer, plus four bolts.

The sprayed enamel arms dispensed with the cast iron washer, and, according to the drawing, were riveted to the spectacle plate. These large cast iron washers were also used by the LNE and Southern Railways, and on the Southern appear to have survived until the end of steam in some numbers.

The brass arm needs to primed white (there is show through), and then gloss varnished (this allows the transfer to grip the surface). The transfer is then softened with a drop of water, and when loose, teased onto the arm with a cocktail stick or similar.

ONLY the front and back of the arm are featured - it is assumed the spectacle plate will be painted and glazed as per the MSE instructions.

Please note: there are no shunting discs on this sheet: a full set of 8.25mm and 9mm discs are available separately on inquiry.
Country/Region of ManufactureUnited Kingdom