Kadee No 26 Coupler - Long Length, Centerset With Boxes 2 Pair - HO/OO Scale

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Kadee Quality Products Co.

HO/OO Scale  - 1/87th Scale.

  • Part Number - No. 26.
  • Very strong plastic isolated Magne-Matic Couplers.
    • Long Length - 25/64" - 9.921 mm.
    • Centerset Shank.
  • Each pack contains;
    • Two Pair's of No.26 Couplers.
    • Two Pair's of #234 Insulated Draft Gear Boxes.
    • Two Pair's of #634 Centering Springs
    • Spare Knuckle Springs #622.
  • Standard Head Size.

The 20-Series Kadee® Magne-Matic® Couplers are designed for either Talgo (truck) or body mounting.

The 20 Series Kadee® Magne-Matic® Coupler features a very strong plastic isolated coupler, #634 Centering Spring, (same gear box as the NO.5® Coupler), insulated #234 Draft Gear Box and Lid with side and center screw holes for mounting and the (20-Series draft gear box) insulated #213 Universal Adaptor Plate.

The 20 Series Coupler easily installs in existing Talgo-mounted draft gear boxes with supplied #212 Talgo Truck Adaptors or can be body mounted with supplied #234 draft gear box (NO.5® Draft Gear Box) with side and center screw holes for mounting or with the supplied #213 Universal Adaptor Plate (20-Series draft gear box).

Note: The 20-Series assembly may be mounted from the top or mounted from the bottom but the #634 Centering Spring must be always mounted on top of coupler shank.

Two pair per package.

Couplers are New-Sealed from Kadee ! 

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Scale (Gauge)HO


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