PECO SL-300 Flexible Streamline Code 80 Wooden sleepers Flexitrack New

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N flexible wooden Sleepers

PECO Streamline N Gauge Code 80 - Universal trackage system
This ever-popular trackage system for N offers a choice of either wooden or concrete type sleeper flexible track and a wide range of turnouts and crossings in both Insulfrog and Electrofrog types.
Suitable for all makes of N Gauge trains and fully compatible with PECO Setrack.

Length of each track: 1 yard (about 91cm)

Recommended to be used with:
SL-310 Conducting Rail Joiners: Nickel Silver for PECO Code 80/55 track
SL-311 Insulated Rail Joiners for PECO Code 80/55 track
SL-14 Track Fixing Pins: Chemically blackened mild steel for unobtrusively pinning down trackwork

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Country/Region of ManufactureUnited Kingdom
Product TypeTrain Tracks
Scale (Gauge)N