Wrenn "Sparrowhawk"A4 Locomotive

Markwood, Victoria, United Kingdom ends 2020-03-14 07:33:42


Wrenn "Sparrowhawk"A4 Locomotive. N.E. Black W2282.

This version has MK1 chassis and large driving wheels and only 98 were made between 1989 and 1992.

This Locomotive comes in its original inner and outer box and is stamped by packer 2 with the date stamp of 89518 (made in 1989). It also comes with original packing rings,tissue paper and instruction booklet. The box is in very good condition but it must be pointed out someone has written the locomotive name in black lead pencil on the base of the box.

The Locomotive has had limited( if any) use, as the wheels are unmarked. A fantastic example of a rare train for a Wrenn collector.

GradingC-7 Excellent
BrandWrenn Railways
Power SupplyDC
TypeSteam Locomotive


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