1:24 Scale - Extension Ladder 121mm long. comes as set of 2. 3D Printed

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3D Printed,
1:24 scale - Extension Ladder 121mm long. comes as set of 2.

Ladders are 121mm x 16.8mm with 10 rungs.

The ladders can be clipped together via a small channel to allow smooth up and down movements. The design also allows you to place the ladders in an extension you want without the need for glue or clips maintaining a clean look for all your model needs.

Another benefit of this design, you can add as many ladders as you wish to the extension as the clips do not interfere.

Huge range of colours including florescent.
Choose from the following

PLA Solid colours.
White, Black, Silver, Gold, Blue, Sparkling Red, Bright Red, Grey, Yellow, Bronze, Purple, Green, Rose Pink, Lavender, Beige, Brown.

PLA Translucent colours.
Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green.

PLA Flourescent Colours
Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green.

3-D printed items will sometimes have small defects, Lines, and printing marks. These items are custom printed items not injection molded, or massed produced items. I take the time to design these items and make sure that the printing process is as near perfect as possible but some small defects should be expected. I will endeavor to send out the best version possible.

Items will be posted 1st class with free post for UK buyers.

International buyers welcome, Shipping via standard airmail.

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions regarding these items, or if you have any 3-D printing requests.

PLEASE NOTE, all my 3D printed designs sold on ebay are my own designs.

MPN1:24th Scale
BrandAbels Brand
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