(Z109-1B) Christmas Winter Market Stall Gauge Scale Z (1:220) Christmas - Noël

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(Z109-1B) Christmas Winter Market Stall Gauge Scale Z (1:220) Christmas - Noël

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Kit: market track Z

(Category accessories)

Auction components:

1 kit consisting of:

  • Components for 1 market stall

  • 1 color

  • unpainted

  • Material: white dyed polystyrene

  • CNC machined

  • Detailed building instructions

  • everything else doesn't belong!

Assembled dimensions:

CA (B 3.4 cm x D 1.6 cm x H 1.6 cm (gable height))

Difficulty level: Beginner

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Germany: no matter how much you buy 5.90 euro

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Marke C-M-K
EAN Nicht zutreffend
Besonderheit Unbemalt
Besonderheiten Unbemalt
Herstellernummer Z109-1B
Herstellungsland und -region Deutschland
Präzise Produktart Gebäude
Produktart Zubehör
Product Type.Accessory
Country/Region of ManufactureGermany
Special FeaturesUnpainted
Product TypeBuilding
EANDoes not apply


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