Kadee couplers (Magne-Matic) and railway models accessories (31 products)

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High quality Magne-Matic couplers / uncouplers, tools, washers and accessories form Kadee.

Kadee Couplers are famous since 1947, and the preferred choice of modelers world wide for their consistent, reliable hands-free coupling and uncoupling.

31 different references.

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  • KDE5: Universal Metal Coupler and Insulated Draft Gear box Metal
  • KDE10: No.5 Bulk Pack Magne-Matic Couplers
  • KDE143: Metal Whisker Magne-Matic Coupler Short
  • KDE146: Metal Whisker Magne-Matic Coupler Long
  • KDE148: Metal Whisker Magne-Matic Coupler
  • KDE17: NEM 362 Short Coupler 7.11mm (.280'')
  • KDE18: NEM362 European Coupler Short 8.63mm (2 pairs)
  • KDE19: NEM362 European Coupler Long 10.76mm (2 pairs)
  • KDE20: NEM362 European Coupler Extra Long 11.68mm (2 pairs)
  • KDE205: HO Scale Coupler Height and Multi-Purpose Gauge
  • KDE206: HO Scale Insulated Coupler Height Gauge
  • KDE208: Red Insulating Washers .015'' (4dz)
  • KDE209: Grey Insulating Washers .010'' (4dz)
  • KDE21: 20 Series Coupler Long (25/64'') Underset
  • KDE210: Washers 1/32'' (2dz)
  • KDE232: Plastic Draft Gear Boxes and Lids (10 pairs)
  • KDE24: 20 Series Coupler Short (1/4'') Underset
  • KDE241: Dual Tool - Manual Uncoupling Tool and Built In Spring Pic
  • KDE242: Universal Black Box Snap-Together Insulated Gear Boxes
  • KDE26: 20 Series Coupler Long (25/64'') Centreset Shank
  • KDE262: Narrow Whisker Snap-TogetherInsulated
  • KDE27: 20-Series Coupler medium (9/32'') underset shank
  • KDE28: 20 Series Coupler Medium (9/32'') Centreset Shank (2pairs)
  • KDE308: Delayed Under the Track Uncoupler HO to O
  • KDE309: Delayed Electric Under the Track Uncoupler
  • KDE312: Non Delayed Between the Rails Uncoupler
  • KDE321: Permanent Magnet 'between-the-rails' Delayed Uncoupler
  • KDE334: Uncoupler Gluing Jig for No.312/321/322
  • KDE341: HO Track Gauge 70/100
  • KDE805: Standard Medium Centreset Shank Metal
  • KDE811: Between the Rails Uncoupler O gauge

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