N Gauge Loco Wheel Cleaner set powered

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For sale is a wheel set cleaning set.

This is made up of two soft brass brush cleaners which can be powered from either the track or a transformer 12 v or similar suitable.  We now include one extra brush making three in total. This is not a spare but a necessary tool to clean the driven centre wheels found on some loco's. This will enable you to hold the powered brushes on the wheels with pick up's with one hand whilst cleaning the centre wheel set with the other hand..

The single brush may also be used for gently cleaning ballast from point blades or just cleaning the blade contact area.

Suitable for DC or DCC

This has advantages over other block cleaners as it will not damage the gears. I have found a tenancy to reverse the loco back wards and put too much strain on the gears.
On one end are the brass brushes and the other crocodile clips for easy connection to the track or power supply.

Included in the sale is free post and a free N gauge engine cradle for easy access to the wheel set. Just locate the locomotive upside down but beware that during cleaning the wheels of crank rods will move.
Typical cleaning time takes seconds.

I have found this method of cleaning the wheels so much more gentle and accurate. Other advantages include the working inspection of both gears and wheel pick up's. It is amazing how many related fault's you will find whilst using this simple method.

Colours may vary according to stock available.

Pictured is the cleaning of an N gauge engine.

There are no loco's included in this sale just the cleaning brush set and engine cradle.

Please look out for my new product being developed to include all that is required to keep a serviceable loco running smoothly. Simple track cleaning.

Good luck and please look out for my wifi camera auctions coming up.
youtube search "Model Railway On Board Camera"

Vehicle TypeLocomotive
MaterialBrass Plastic Pressed Steel
ColourBlack Blue Green Multi-colour
FeaturesDCC ready
Power SupplyDC