N gauge wagons kits (26 differents models) - Peco KNR range - F1

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N gauge wagons kits from Peco KNR range

26 differents models in N gauge

You can buy one or more wagons of your choice :

  • KNR-67: Grain Whisky Wagon kit
  • KNR-29: 15ft wheelbase, SR Goods Brake.
  • KNR-120: 10ft wheelbase, Salt wagon
  • KNR-167: 10ft wheelbase, Tank wagon.
  • KNR-20: 10ft wheelbase, Conflat 1 plank
  • KNR-207: 9ft wheel base kit, BR 16ft steel mineral.
  • KNR-208: 9ft wheel base kit, BR 27ton iron ore tippler.
  • KNR-209: 9ft wheel base kit, BR 20ton pig iron.
  • KNR-220: 9ft wheel base kit, 7 plank open.
  • KNR-28: 15ft wheelbase, LNER/BR Goods Brake.
  • KNR-39: 10ft wheelbase, single Bolster (pair).
  • KNR-4: 15ft wheelbase, Bolster Wagon.
  • KNR-40: 10ft wheelbase, 5 Plank Open.
  • KNR-41: 10ft wheelbase, 7 Plank Open.
  • KNR-42: 10ft wheelbase, Refrigerator box van.
  • KNR-43: 10ft wheelbase, standard box van.
  • KNR-44: 10ft wheelbase, Butterley Steel Open.
  • KNR-45: 10ft wheelbase, Cattle truck.
  • KNR-48: 10ft wheelbase, LMS Goods Brake.
  • KNR-49: 10ft wheelbase, LNER Goods Brake.
  • KNR-5: 15ft wheelbase, Plate Wagon.
  • KNR-50: 15ft wheelbase, Tanker.
  • KNR-7: 15ft wheelbase, Tube Wagon.
  • KNR-8: 15ft wheelbase, Pallet van.
  • KNR-9: Box Van, Parcels and Fish
  • KNR-10: 15ft wheelbase, Tarpaulin open Wagon

Consisting of a one-piece body moulding, chassis, wheels and couplings, these wagons kits are essentially unpainted and unassembled... but very quick and easy to assemble!

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