Marklin spur z scale/gauge "Blauer Enzian"/Blue Gentian Long Distance Express.

Corringham Essex, United Kingdom ends 2019-08-20 12:41:02


In new boxed condition Marklin z 81176 Express Train Set.

One Time Only Series 2013 for Insider Members.

German Federal Railroad (DB) class V 200.0 General Purpose Heavy Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive.
5 pole motor, all axles powered, dark nickel plated wheel tires, LED directional Warm White/Red lighting.

5 different design German Federal Railroad (DB) Express Train Passenger Cars.

1 x 4 axle type WRPw4ue end car with baggage area, engine room, galley & dining area 1st class.

3 x 4 axle type A4ue intermediate cars 1st class.

1 x 4 axle type A4ue end car with an observation area 1st class.

Cars are in a Steel Blue paint scheme, rebuilt cars from former Henschel-Wegmann Train.

Train route :- Munich-Augsburg-Wurzburg-Bebra-Hannover-Hamburg Altona, the train looks as it did around 1958.

Cars are all new tooling, the train has special close couplings between the cars,
 and a regular coupler to connect to the loco and at the rear of the train.

Overall train length 595mm.
Loco is test run ONLY all OK, all paperwork included, as new condition box.

Very impressive z train.


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