Extra heavy duty CDU Capacitor Discharge Unit FAST charge, points, Hornby Peco

Lifetime warranty, tech. support, price match guarantee

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After selling over five hundred of my previous CDU designs, I have developed this latest model. It's designed using surface mount components for better thermal management, ensuring high lifetime and uses good quality components throughout. I can therefore offer a lifetime warranty by way of a free replacement. I'm also happy to answer any questions you might have about how to use it and suitability.

My CDUs are cheaper than others with lower specifications, but I have made no compromise on the quality as a result. For example these use higher voltage capacitors than most, ensuring longer lifetime and facility to operate at up to 24Vac. 

The general advantage of a capacitor discharge unit is that it will make a point motor fire much more powerfully and more reliably than without. It does this by storing the charge in a capacitor and discharging it all at once when needed. The CDU will also prevent point motors from burning out. It is designed to operate any standard solenoid point motors. Can be used with Z, N, OO and O gauge model railways. Will be supplied tested, with instructions.
  • Input; up to 24v A.C, up to 32 Vdc
  • Fully rectified to charge twice at twice the rate as most other CDUs
  • Capacitance, extra heavy duty - 18800uf
  • Able to switch at least 10 points simultaneously
  • Short circuit resistant
  • Supplied with instructions and technical support (e-mail me!)
  • All units tested before dispatch to ensure proper operation - see oscillogram showing verification of high current pulse and low (~0.2s) recharge time.
  • Short circuit resistant (2017 new feature).
  • Bright LED "ready" illumination (2017 new feature).
I can also offer these for re-sale - please contact me for details.
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