PAINTED - N Scale Allotments or Gardens

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PAINTED N Scale Allotments or Gardens

A collection of ten different sets of N scale Allotments, also useful for household gardens, commercial planting, market gardens, farms etc.

These allotment pieces are hand painted in our workshop and so may vary in slight detail from those shown in the photos as each is painted individually.

NS1P - Basic Allotment Set - Comprising four pieces with a variety of different vegetable crops (Pieces are 28mm x 45mm)

NS2P - Allotment Expansion Set - Comprising four pieces with a variety of  vegetable crops, cold frames, compost bins and raised beds (Pieces are 28mm x 45mm)

NS3P - Garden Shed #1 - A single piece (28mm x 45mm) with a wooden shed, water butt, vegetable crops and allotment clutter

NS4P - Untidy Allotment Set - Comprising four pieces with overgrown vegetation, old barrels, bits of wood, tarpaulins and sacks etc. (Pieces are 28mm x 45mm)

NS5P - Allotment "Polytunnel" Set -  Comprising four pieces with polytunnel plant protectors. Ideal for the modern allotment. (Pieces are 28mm x 45mm)

NS6P - Large Foliage Allotment Set - Four different vegetable plot models to add extra variety to your allotment. Also suitable for back garden vegetable plots (Pieces are 28mm x 45mm)

NS7P - Garden Shed #2A single piece variation (28mm x 45mm) of the allotment shed to give more variety on your layout.

NS8P - Metal Framed Greenhouse - Small Aluminium or Steel Framed Greenhouse and cold frame (single piece 28mm x 45mm ).

NS9P - Wooden Framed Greenhouse - a slightly more "upmarket" design of greenhouse, suitable for use as an allotment model or set in a back garden (single piece 28mm x 45mm)

NS10P - Untidy Garden Sheds - A couple of run down and overgrown alottment sheds, suitable for use with our Untidy Allotment set or as a stand along model (single piece 28mm x 45mm)

Our allotment sets comprise a number of seperate pieces (each 28mm x 45mm) which can be used to make up a variety of different vegetable plots, from a small garden plot to full sized 5 or 10 Rod allotments. Four pieces will make up a 5 rod allotment while 8 pieces make up into a full sized 10 rod allotment. The pieces can be arranged in many different ways to ensure plenty of variety in your scenery.  Alteratively the models can be used to make small back garden vegetable plots .  
We can also supply a pack of N scale gardeners to bring your allotments or vegetable plots to life.

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This is a new item, designed and manufactured by TimeCast in the UK.

TimeCast models are cast using a fine art casting material mixed with an acrylic polymer to provide a high level of detail which can easily be painted using acrylic paints. Some models may include cast metal components and will require assembly.

State of AssemblyReady to Go/Pre-built
Scenery TypeAllotment or Garden
Modified ItemNo
Country/Region of ManufactureUnited Kingdom
MPNDoes Not Apply


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