DCC convertion service for class 37-47-55-40 lima only DCC DECODER AND HARNESS

rochdale, United Kingdom ends 2019-07-07 15:47:29


Dcc convertion hardwire service
 for class 37. 55. 40. 47 any
lima and hornby
any loco with ringfield motors  
no steam loco
no loco with lights
click on 
my youtube link below

we can convert your limas class  class with ringfield motors
if you buy now you send loco to me i will  email you the address  we then hardwire loco to dcc fit a 8 pin harness and a laisdcc decoder set at 03 address
we sell these in my ebay

so you are ready to go with dcc decoder fiited at a later time 
if you want to change to a sound decoder take out the
 decoder and fit a sound decoder
and done simple as that in the price this will cover the 3.75 post recorded delivery back to you 
we dont service or oil just the hard wire

please make sure your loco is in good running order in both directions

as when the decoder and harness are fitted they do not affect the running of the loco

when done your loco will converted to DCC RUNNING SET ON 03 ADDRESS

Power Supplylaisdcc decocder and harness fittied
Colourany loco with ringfield motor
Country/Region of ManufactureUnited Kingdom
FeaturesDCC fitted
Yearlaisdcc decocder and harness fitted
MPNDoes Not Apply
Replica ofhornby or lima no steam locos
EANDoes not apply