Marklin 37971 "TOLZ" Steam Digital HO

Moralzarzal, United Kingdom ends 2019-01-20 16:05:45


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I'm selling all my Marklin HO layout. As concerns the locomotives, I'm assessing each one to reflect not just its appearance and condition, but also its running standard. You'll find all my other loco listings follow the same format.

Model Number: 37971  Steam
Address: 70
Bodywork condition: pristine
Running gear condition: pristine
Performance: excellent
Single function (lights): working
Super slow speed (crawl): very good
Hours run: less than 10, more than 5. 
Carton (Box): good
Original manual: yes

Everything is therefore as it should be, and the starting price is "low" to encourage (I hope) a good auction.
Please get in touch if you need more information.
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£15.00 | Estimated delivery after 3 business days