LIMA CLASS 47 712 renumber "Lady Diana Spencer " good boxed condition Tested ok 

Worcester, United Kingdom ends 2019-01-13 18:15:57


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This Auction is for a Lima Class 47 diesel locomotive model in Scotrail Livery  it is numbered as 47 712 on cabs, it also has a brass etched nameplates "Lady Diana Spencer" on both sides, It also has Haymarket castle logos on both sides,the Scotrail Logo is a bit uneven both sides,  it has all buffers intact and both draw hoops and draw hook at one end only. It has been test run and it runs fine. It  is boxed, but it will be very well packed to prevent any damage. Good luck with your bidding for what is a very nice model.
Train Operating CompanyBritish Rail
Power SupplyDC
EraEra 8 - British Rail Sectorisation (1982-1994)
TypeDiesel Locomotive
State of AssemblyReady to Go/Pre-built


£4.45 | Estimated delivery after 2 business days