LIMA L205227 Class 50 Diesel 50038 Formidable BR Large Logo Blue. good unboxed.

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Lima L205277 Class 50 Co - Co Diesel Locomotive 50038 Formidable in British Rail large logo blue livery with NSE branding. Locomotive has been tested and runs well in either direction. Locomotive has had one coupling cut off so the leading cab has no tension lock to spoil the appearance of the leading cab front. All four buffers are present. Body is reasonable but has painted weathering on the roof and a long deep gouge along the roof next to the radiator fan grille. This looks like it was caused by heat or glue, however the paint has not lifted or cracked and it looks like a realistic large dent. The bodyside below the nameplate has a scrape which looks touched in. Although in service the locomotives were seldom pristine and accumulated all manner of dents and scrapes. Wheels have been cleaned ready for use. Unboxed.
State of AssemblyReady to Go/Pre-built
Power SupplyDC
Country/Region of ManufactureItaly
Vintage (Y/N)Yes
TypeDiesel Locomotive
Rail System2-Rail
Train Operating CompanyBR NSE
EraEra 8 - British Rail Sectorisation (1982-1994)
Replica ofBritish Rail Class 50


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