Lima 205255A2 Class 47 Diesel Locomotive 47210 Blue Circle Cement BR grey livery

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Lima 205255A2 Class 47 Diesel Electric Co-Co Locomotive 47210 in BR two tone Railfreight Construction grey livery. The locomotive appears as excellent and is clean and tidy. Tested and fully operational. The loco has had etched roof fan grilles fitted along with fan blades (fixed not rotating) Etched Nameplates along with Depot plaques and BR double arrow symbols.  Small section of roof repainted by brush around the fan grille where it has been fitted. Comes in a Lima box that has a fair bit of shelf wear to the card outer box lid. Lima label is peeling off the end of box. Label mark on other end of box has pulled the silver box colour away. Good clean polystyrene tray and box is still keeping the loco safe inside when not in use.
State of AssemblyReady to Go/Pre-built
Power SupplyDC
Country/Region of ManufactureItaly
TypeDiesel Locomotive
Train Operating CompanyBritish Railways
EraEra 8 - British Rail Sectorisation (1982-1994)
Replica ofClasss 47


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