Hornby O Gauge Trade Marks Wagons etc | 4 To Choose From | Waterslide Transfer

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4 x Hornby O Gauge Trade Marks
Red & Black outlines
4 & 3 Lines of Lettering

Screen Printed Waterslide Transfer Sets
To Restore
Tanks, Wagons etc.

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Applying Transfers

Wet area of vehicle where transfer is to be applied dip transfer into dish of water.  Remove from water when both sides of the transfer have become wet and wait 30 seconds or more until the transfer freely moves on the backing sheet.  Do not try to force the transfer to slide as this could Damage/Break the transfer.  Slide transfer to the edge of the backing paper until it protrudes from the edge.  Then place that edge on to the surface the transfer is to be fixed to and holding the transfer in position using a wet finger, carefully slide the backing paper from under the transfer, dab transfer with cloth paper towel to remove water and leave to dry.

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Country/Region of ManufactureUnited Kingdom
MaterialScreen Printed Waterslide Transfer/Decal
MPNDoes Not Apply
EraEra 3 - The Big Four (1923-1947)


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