O Gauge 7 Plank Private Owner Wagon 'Isaac Nash, Belbroughton' Pristine

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'Isaac Nash, Belbroughton' Pristine Wagon from the Limited Edition Worcestershire Wagons Range from DCC Supplies.

Brand New in original packaging.

O Gauge Wagons of Worcestershire

As a Worcester based company, DCC Supplies are proud to announce a series of Worcestershire Private Owner wagons.

Worcestershire has a rich heritage of industry, including transport coal, sand, gravel and of course salt. Served by both the GWR and LMS many private companies purchased their own wagons to convey their goods. We have chosen a selection of 5 and 7 plank wagons from locations in the county.

Produced for DCC Supplies by Dapol, all wagons are priced at £42.50ea (Weathered £44.50ea). There will be a total of 12 different Owner Wagons created in both Pristine and Weathered Versions.

Available Wagons:

·        ‘Harry Whitehouse’ of Stourport (5 plank)

·        ‘Richard White’ of Evesham (7 plank)

·        ‘Hunting (for Coals)’ of Worcester (5 plank)

·       'Worcester New Co-Op' (5 plank)

·        'M. Spiers' of Evesham (5 plank)

·        'H. Preston' of Worcester (5 plank)

'Underwood' of Worcester (7 plank)

'John Barnett Ltd' of Worcester (5 plank)

'E.B. Mason' of Stourport (5 plank)

'Isaac Nash' of Belbroughton (7 plank)
FeaturesLimited Edition
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£5.00 | Estimated delivery after 2 business days