Sierra Valley 7/8ths Wheelsets 12"-20" Plain, 4 Hole, Coated, 32mm, 45mm Gauge

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Sierra Valley Enterprises 7/8ths Scale wheel sets (4 Wheels & 2 Axles). Available in 32mm or 45mm gauge - Send us a message when ordering to specify the gauge you require. Please note when selecting blackened wheel sets only the wheels are chemically blackened and not the axle. 

                    Prototype wheel size   Actual tread (in)   Actual Tread (mm)
SEC-W12 -           12" dia                      0.875"                    22.22mm
SEC-W14 -           14" dia                      1.021"                    25.95mm
SEC-W16 -           16" dia                      1.167"                    29.65mm
SEC-W18 -           18" dia                      1.313"                    33.35mm
SEC-W20 -           20" dia                      1.459"                    37.05mm

     1. The scale flanges improve appearance without sacrificing performance.
     2. Design of the wheel face is based on narrow gauge prototypes.
     3. The wheel tread and flange are tapered, and have a fillet between them, as on the prototype.

4. Heavier metal wheels improve performance, and lower the center of gravity of your cars.
     5. All wheel sets are double insulated with Delrin™ bushings.
     6. These wheel sets are compatible with all commercially available track and trucks, and have been
         tested on Code 172 rail through Code 332 rail extensively.
 This product is 100% designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

These wheel sets were specifically designed for 1:13.7 scale rolling stock. They have a scale tire width of 
4 1/2" (.330"), and twice the mass of regular G scale metal wheel sets.  

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