7mm O Gauge PRMRP model kits for pair of BR Class 43 Int.City 125 HST power cars

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A pair of 7mm O Gauge PRMRP (Prototype Replica Model Railway Poducts) kits for Class 43 HST Power cars, the work horses of the  beloved and well-regarded Intercity 125 High Speed Train. I'm assuming you want both ends...The kits include brass etches for the chassis, body work and details, also a wealth of lost wax castings and some bearings and sundry bits, (two of everything). You'll have to source the motor, wheels etc. to your taste. The main bodies are pre-shaped to help you make a start and a degree of care and soldering will give you a very nice pair of respectably detailed power cars. You can add as much extra and Internal detail as your scratch-building skills permit. There are some finger-prints and discolouration on the etches that can be cleaned off. An instruction booklet is included, the kits are well boxed. There are some fine photos on the web showing just pairs of power cars running alone and they look great, so away you go!
Gauge7mm O Gauge
Power SupplyDC
Modified ItemNo
EraEra 7 - British Rail (1971-1982)
MaterialBrass White Metal


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